Matthew 13:1-58

Today we are going to look at how come Jesus teaches in parables. And on the surface it may seem like, well that just how Jesus taught. But, Jesus teaching in parables is actually a real problem because communicating with other people is hard. It is especially difficult when the other person really isn’t listening. There are plenty of communication breakdowns. What I say may not be what I mean. What you mean you may have trouble saying. And if you are trying to talk with someone that really doesn’t want to listen then it feels completely hopeless. My wife, Amanda, has come up with a great way of getting our boys attention. Sometimes they get so squirrely and obnoxious that it seems like they are in their own little world and can’t hear anything anyone else might be saying. So, Amanda’s little trick is to ask them, “Are you ready to listen?” Amanda has used this same thing on me, because believe it or not I can get a little obnoxious sometimes :) If communicating is so hard on a daily basis, then how come Jesus teaches in a way that is intentionally difficult to understand?